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We stock a range of personal GPS telematics devices to provide you with a highly accurate GPS location and real-time movements of the person who has the device. Our telematics devices are ideal to keep track of lone workers, remote workforce, senior citizens, and children.


Fleet Management

This product is an ideal solution for vehicle tracking companies who are looking for a highly customizable device suitable for fleet management, vehicle insurance, and security/logistics management. It is capable of configuring the report format and customizing the report between the device and the application server for the customer.


Risk Management

ProcarSat provide a telematics device covered with a box. This device is ideal for recovering expensive merchandise which is packed mainly with cartoon boxes and might be stolen while those merchandise is being transported from the packing site to the destination(s).


Vehicle Finance Tracking

ProcarSat solutions is ideal for the vehicle finance industry, stolen vehicle recovery, (BHPH) buy-here-pay-here car dealers, fleet management, and various other vehicle applications. It could be the best choice with various benefits like affordable pricing, accurate data, multi-functions for vehicle tracking.


Manage every asset type in one place with a smart and intuitive cloud-based platform. The ProcarSat Plataform is a single, unified, next-generation analytics and reporting plataform that unlocks data-rich insights from your assets so that you can make faster, more accurate and informed decisions.


For vehicles, it should be carefully designed because their battery capacity is smaller than that of automobiles. ProcarSat develops the ideal tracking devices for motorcycles as they are compact to be fully hidden upon installation and ergonomically designed to consume minimal amounts of energy.

Personal Tracking

Our telematics devices are ideal to keep track of lone workers, remote workforce, senior citizens, and children. Also, our devices have a feature called “Listening Mode”. You can activate for security purposes, allowing them to not attract attention as they are easily concealed in clothing, bags, or coat pockets.

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"We made the right choice upgrading to ProcarSat solution, and their excellent support and services exceeded our expectations."
Kim Williams
Orlando Car Dealer
"After upgraded to ProcarSat we keep our investment safe, easy system as faster response."
John Smith
A7 Finance
"I have a small business renting cars by Turo, and now I can tracking all cars in one place. The system is very easy.."
Luisa Souza
Satisfied Customer
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